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Our team at HPB Cleaners takes pride in our ability to provide high quality cleaning services to our clients. We take the time to analyze each of our customers’ needs to create an effective cleaning solution that will exceed all of their expectations.

Our team can clean buildings of any size, from one-level to high rise facilities. We do everything from polishing, dusting, and vacuuming to floor stripping and carpet extraction. Our cleaning solutions are customized to fit the specific needs of each facility we service.

We utilize high quality cleaning materials and state-of-the-art machinery to assist us in bringing the best services experience to our valued clients 

Our Services

We specialise in low and high-pressure cleaning around the home, from roofs and walls to windows, tiles, paving, facia boards and more. Our experienced team and their mindful approach is what makes us a leading cleaning company in the Durban and surrounding areas. Our cleaning system not only provides great before-and-after results, but is also a great solution to paint preparation.

Servicing the Hospitality and Retail Sectors, we work in high traffic volume areas, both in and outdoors of your business. We offer a range of cleaning solutions for the Commercial, public facing sectors, from forecourt area cleaning and Building Washdowns to Deep Cleaning of Ablutions, Air Vent and Extractor Cleaning.

HPB Cleaning Solutions is well versed in degreasers and cleaning agents. We provide large-scale services for all your industrial cleaning needs. From Warehouse Floor Cleaning, Foam degreasing, Acid Cleaning and Bund areas to heavy duty degreasing, pipe cleaning, line cleaning and more, we have capacity to take on the more Specialized Industrial Cleaning Contracts. We have recently completed cleaning contracts at Palm Tissue Mill and BP Overport Garage Forecourt cleaning that all provided their own unique set of challenges for the team.

    • Roof Waterproofing 

    • Roof painting 

    • General Painting 

    • General Cleaning 

    • Window Cleaning 

    • Business signage Cleaning 


At HBP Cleaners, integrity is the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral values and ethical principles. The truthfulness and honesty or accuracy of one’s actions is the core value system of our company’s framework. The relationships that we create with our customers are concentrated around these values.

Integrity builds customer satisfaction, service, and loyalty. Our customers appreciate that HPB works in their best interest.

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